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XLARGE® & PLUS L by XLARGE®×KIDS by Larry Clark 20th Anniversary

“KIDS” is a film directed by Larry Clark, a genius photographer and film director who made a big influence on street culture throughout the world. XLARGE® and PLUS L by XLARGE® released a special capsule collection to commemorate “KIDS” 20th anniversary.

“KIDS” is a realistic film which portrays street kids in New York. It features Chloë Sevigny (a fashion designer and an actress), Harold Hunter (iconic skater in NY) and Justin Pierce (another iconic skater NY). Hamilton Harris raised fund to produce “THE KIDS”, a documentary on the inside story of “KIDS” and became a topic.

The capsule collection of XLARGE® and PLUS L by XLARGE® consists of triple collaboration MA-1 Jacket with “ALPHA INDUSTRIES INC.”, hoodie, t-shirts and a skateboard deck printed with polaroids of film audition and deleted scene. Larry Clark’s autograph is printed on all items as a proof of collaboration.