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XLARGE® and STARBUCKS CHINA released their very first collaboration on September, 2019. Under the tagline of “Dreaming XLARGE”, the collaboration speaks for the minds who believe in themselves and never stop pursuing their dreams. The campaign also shares the message matching with the brand’s essence of “Dream Big”.

The collaboration released limited t-shirts, first-time launched mug cups including 2gallon, 1gallon and 500ml types. 1,005ml tumbler, and special STARBUCKS cards.

The collaboration remixed XLARGE®’s OG gorilla logo with STARBUCKS’ “twin-tailed mermaid' logo design, which also emphasis 2 brands’ first collaboration by using STARBUCKS well-known green color way on the design.

T-shirts’ box designing takes STARBUCKS coffee cup as the reference. The catchy design makes it both great for surprising present and cool decoration at home or office.


For more special campaign for the collaboration, please check the details below.

XLARGE×STARBUCKS (China limited) (PC) (スマートフォン、モバイル)


XLARGE® official T-Mall campaign details as follows.

Photo by Yonehara Yasumasa

For celebrating the collaboration, a special event has been held in the STARBUCKS shop located in Chengdu, China. Please check below for the further information.